Julie, Business Consultant

Robin has such a gift for tracking the activity and energy level of her class and adapting the flow to be just the right poses. She always mixes relaxation and challenge well and yet has a few poses in the flow that seem to solve my specific tightness and flexibility issues. I leave every class feeling better than when I walked in and over the last year, my mobility, flexibility and balance have improved. Even though I was a complete yoga novice at the start, Robin has been patient and professional finding adaptations that enable me to do a form of the more challenging poses without feeling like I'm behind. The environment is fun, yet calming and focused. 

Paula, Masters Rower

Robin is a very knowledgeable and attentive instructor.  I LOVE her positive energy and calming presence.  She seems to intuitively know our strengths and weaknesses and tailors the practice to both challenge and support us. Since I started practicing yoga with Robin, I am noticeably stronger, more flexible and centered.  This has helped me tremendously with my physical activity and everyday living!  I hope to continue practicing yoga with Robin for years.

Morgan, U of M Field Hockey Player

I am not a huge "yogi" as one would say, however I have taken 15-20 hot yoga classes in my spare time so I would say that I enjoy the activity in general. I am also so grateful for your classes, the fact that you travel to us, in which otherwise I would not have time to go to a studio on my own is amazing and we all can not thank you enough.

As for the specific parts of the class, I enjoy more of the stretching poses because this is usually what I use yoga for to balance out my body from field hockey. I am not to flexible so some of the more challenging poses I can not yet do, however you always give great options to choose from when we can not stay with you. My favorite part of yoga is walking away from the hour feeling refreshed, relaxed, and stretched out. I think the atmosphere you create helps with this feeling allot. I also really enjoy the little massage at the end!

Personally, your class helps me stretch out my muscles, relieve stress, and calm myself from a busy week.  

Marcia, Competitive Rower

I really look forward to Robin’s class every week. It is a lot of fun, but more importantly, my flexibility increases dramatically from the first position held to the end of the class. I feel taller and energized at the end of class.  I am feeling stronger and more flexible overall. Happily,  I am noticing a significant improvement in getting into a boat for morning rowing.  Sitting in the seat of a rowing shell requires great hip, knee and ankle flexibility to perform gracefully! 

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